Thanks to everyone who came to support this event "Metal Tsunami" !!!

Thanks for the excellent atmosphere that you stayed until the very end!

Because of such people like you still have a sense of these events do, even if it's harder every year!

Thank you !!!











Hey everyone !
On Saturday, 4.26. took place on the time of year the radio show " band of the week" with the band Immer .
Since sz some ( us incomprehensible ) because the show was broadcast after 18 hours instead of the usual 15 hours , you can get here if you are interested, listen to the entire program whenever you want.
If someone was on the agenda of a forthcoming , I'm sorry , but the error was not on our side !
Otherwise - thank you all for your votes received !


Hello and thank you to everyone who came to support the event " Metal Tsunami vol.IV" , the traditional pub Teshen " Slavoj " . The event was super and it is thanks to all of you who came to support this event - thank you ! Last but not least , we thank our sponsors and buddies , without which the action made very difficult . Greet and thank the participating bands Bad Victim , Toxic Run and Seppuka that contributed to the great atmosphere and of course the sound designer " Prcek " and "Robin " for great sound , even though we know that in these areas it 's not so easy !

We look forward to you next time ! !

Photo "Metal Tsunami 2013"



Right now rising  the album "Separation"
CD for sale too in Restaurant Pod Věží

Official video the rising cd "Separation"